Chapter Resources

Speaker Gift Receipt Form

Form used to record the distribution/receipt of a speaker gift.

Committee Sign up Sheet

Form used to have members sign up for chapter committees

Sign up sheet for Monthly Articles

Form for use to have members sign up to write monthly meeting articles.

NEC 2016 Planner National Scholarship Application

National Scholarship Application to be used by planners for NEC 2016 in San Diego, CA

2016 Chapter Award Nomination Form

Please use this form to nominate a fellow SGMP Member that deserves recognition.

Chapter Board Nomination Form

Nomination Form for the 2015-2017 Board of Directors

2015-2016 Communications Media Plan

Annual media plan with due dates for the year.


November 2017 Meeting Presentation

A House Dropped on your Hotel...

December 2016 Chapter Meeting Presentation

Conference Planning and Navigating Chapter 4.16 and other Virginia Procurement Policies

April 2016 Chapter Meeting Presentation

Don't Take The Wind Out Your Sale By Brett Sterenson