Government Meeting Specialist (GMS)

Government Meeting Specialist (GMS)

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The Government Meeting Specialist (GMS) is an optional chapter-operated certificate of completion designed to encourage local participation and to reinforce the importance of industry education.

Please Note:
This certificate of completion is not a certification.  SGMP continues to consider this certificate as a marketing tool and membership retention best practice.   Since GMS is not a certification, SGMP will no longer endorse any utilization of the “GMS” letters after a member’s name and these letters will not be utilized on any SGMP communication.  The only official certification of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals is the Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP).

Requirements and Qualifications
Why not have the education you are gaining at monthly chapter programs lead to a certificate of completion? Government Meeting Specialist (GMS) is an in-depth certificate program offered by participating SGMP chapters. Over the course of three years of membership with SGMP, members will earn the certificate through attendance in core competency based training and gain the general skill set necessary to perform their duties as a government meeting professional.

A total of 15 programs across the SGMP nine core competencies are required. At the completion of the requirements, an application fee is paid and the certificate is awarded at a chapter meeting with a completion letter sent to the to the graduate’s supervisor. To maintain the certificate you must complete 20 hours of job-related continuing education every five years and maintain active membership status by paying yearly dues.

Any current Old Dominion SGMP member can apply for this program, and must maintain their membership throughout the program in order to attend the programs and earn the certificate. If you have received your Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP) designation, this program can be used to continue to build your knowledge and be used for recertification.

The first step to join is completing the Letter of Commitment and emailing it to the GMS Program Chair, Marilee Tretina,, 804-698-4506. Please contact Marilee with any questions as well.

Old Dominion Chapter GMS Certificate Holders:

Marilee Tretina
Joyce Fogg