NEC Silent Auction in New Orleans - Please Donate!

NEC Silent Auction 2012

SGMP's Gilmer Institute of Learning is asking all SGMP members for your help in soliciting donations for the 2012 Silent Auction at the NEC in New Orleans.  Donations can be anything from hotel stays to handmade jewelry to sports memorabilia to rainy day baskets of movies, popcorn and candy.  The donation letter (see attached) has all of the information and some more ideas for how you can help.  Our goal is to raise $30,000 this year in honor of the 30th annual conference. 

Feel free to contact Gilmer Institute of Learning Trustees Brett Sterenson or Kristi Griffith or me with any questions about the auction.   See you in New Orleans!

Silent Auction Donation Letter and Form:

SGMP's Official Response to the IG Report on the GSA WRC

SGMP's Official Response to the IG Report on the GSA WRC

The findings in the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Inspector General's report regarding GSA's 2010 Western Regions Conference (WRC) is disturbing for anyone who understands the government meeting planning process and certainly for any American citizen. But this apparent instance of excessive spending is newsworthy in part because it's unusual. Decades of experience demonstrate that the vast majority of government conferences are productive and cost effective. Government travel plays a significant role in the U.S. economy as a whole and no one will want to endure the economic hardship individuals and businesses would experience if leaders take the knee jerk approach and drastically reduce or shutdown government meetings and travel. The federal government maintains strict rules regarding spending and ethics when it comes to travel and, as in this case, when those rules are broken those responsible should be held accountable. The entire government meetings industry should not be judged on this one grossly "over the top" executed event. It clearly demonstrates the importance of agencies having a professional meeting planner versed in the proper processes of solicitation, contract awards and event execution, as required by government policy, the procurement process and ethical conduct standards.

GSA's black eye for this 2010 WRC meeting will be SGMP members' and leaders' golden opportunity to advocate for the training and certification of government planners. This acknowledgement of the importance of providing education and resources for meeting planning is the first step toward ensuring that government policy and best practices for efficient, cost effective meetings are the standard—starting with the career government employee and continuing all the way up to the appointee who may head a federal agency.

Charles Sadler, CGMP, CHSP, CHSC
Executive Director & CEO