February 2020 Chapter Meeting

February 05, 2020
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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Holiday Inn Express Downtown Richmond
201 E Cary St
Richmond, VA 23219


Title: Human Trafficking Awareness

Core Competency: Programs & Education

This session will provide tips on how members can spot human trafficking and what to do to assist with the problem. Our speaker, Erin Fisher, will begin the session explaining about Just Ask and their mission. She will briefly define HT and how it is a major criminal enterprise found in every region of our country. A victim will then tell her story.  Erin will cover details about how victims of HT are groomed/targeted by the traffickers. She will explain their tactics -- especially how traffickers use public information on social media to target potential victims, and what makes some people more susceptible to the traffickers’ false promises.

She will focus on the warning signs that a person may be being trafficked. Though many victims will display changes in appearance, mood and attitude over time, many victims function in their normal routine while being held under threat by their trafficker. We will talk about subtle changes and how they may be signs of distress.

Finally, we will discuss what each person can do to prevent and educate others about trafficking. The presentation will go over a few options people in their communities, workplaces, schools, families and places of worship can do to actively prevent HT. The first step is education, and that is the primary objective of this presentation.

We will end the hour with questions/answers, and Just Ask will have materials for attendees to take home at the end of the program.


Erin Fisher, Speaker & Ambassador Coordinator

Just Ask Trafficking Prevention

After this session attendees will understand:

  • Definition of human trafficking; how it is a major criminal enterprise found in every region of our country.
  • Warning signs that a person may be being trafficked.
  • What each person can do to prevent and educate others about trafficking.

*Please note: You must be in your seat by 3:15 PM to receive contact hours. 


Culinary Silent Auction

It’s time for our annual culinary silent auction!  The auction will take place on Wednesday, February 5th at our chapter meeting.

Please consider donating an item or two. The more items donated the better chance we have to raise money for the Old Dominion Chapter education and scholarships.  A few ideas for items that have been donated in the past are: home baked items, store bought items, breads, wine, glasses, corkscrews, cookbooks, baskets that include an array of food and beverage with an overnight getaway, etc.

Remember to bring your cash, checkbooks and/or credit cards.

The silent auction form is attached.  If you know what you will be donating, you can fill the form out and email it back to Lorna Battles.

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