Education Committee:  Chair- Hope Adams, CGMP   email: 

  • Write RFP’s & select sites for monthly meetings
  • Plans & coordinates program content & format
  • Coordinates suitable speaker(s), meeting room setup (including AV) and greets speaker(s)/assists with needs
  • Gains approvals from SGMP Headquarters staff for programs for year
  • Provides Communications committee with contact hour certificates
  • Creates online evaluation survey and provides hyperlink for chapter distribution
  • Provides analysis of evaluation survey results for monthly reporting

Membership Committee:  Chair- Karen Sullivan   email: 

  • Processes new memberships
  • Makes calls or sends e-mails to members who missed previous month’s meeting
  • Makes calls or sends e-mails to members two months and one month prior to membership expiration
  • Contacts former members if membership has dropped
  • Prepares Committee announcements for monthly e-blasts
  • E-mails welcome letter with information to new members through Chapter website
  • Follows up with guests who attended monthly meetings regarding joining Chapter 
  • Submits membership-related newsletter articles 
    • Develops marketing literature, calendar and programs
    • Updates membership list on website

Communications Committee:  Chair- Chris Bunting, CGMP   email:

  • Creates & Publishes Chapter Newsletter including the solicitation of articles, layout and design, and distribution
  • Maintain and update Chapter Website
  • Responsible for all chapter communication
  • Accept registrations for monthly meetings
  • Committee members maintain social media sites
  • Sponsorship and Advertisement sales for newsletter and website
  • Members photograph chapter events for photo gallery

Hospitality and Mentoring Committee:  Chair- Dasha Runyan   email: 

  • Staff Registration desk at monthly meeting and keep record of number of actual attendees
  • Organize and make name tags prior to monthly meetings, order new nametags as needed
  • Accept meeting fees
  • Responsible for having greeter at the front door during registration
  • Assign a buddy to the “guest” each meeting (if necessary)
  • Update no show, walk-ins and un-paids
  • Provide counts to president and communications

Fundraising Committee:  Chair- Michelle Hergenrother, CMP   email: 

  • Generate ideas, plans, and organizes all fundraising events & silent auctions, bake sales etc…
  • Set-up & staff day of fundraising event
  • Solicit donations, prizes, sponsorships
  • Establish donation forms & price point for silent auctions & sales

Nominations, Awards, & Bylaws Committee:  Chair- Mary Clair O'Hara  email: 

  • Establishes criteria for individual member recognition and planner/supplier of the year awards
  • Creates and organizes nomination forms – solicit potential nominations
  • Prepare awards and make sure recipient(s) attends meeting to receive award
  • Maintains Chapter by-laws and policies keeping them up to date with National

Community Outreach Committee:  Chair- Joyce Fogg   email: 

  • Identify opportunities for community involvement
  • Assist in selecting community projects
  • Make arrangements and communicate with the community organizations
  • Collects and deliver donated items